When my son started to grow out of his crib, I started looking for safe bed options. I found so many that I loved, but not for within my price range.  I came across a platform bed on Pinterest that I loved, it had a simple Scandinavian like design and I thought, “Oh heck, I can make that.”

And guess what?! I DID! And now I want to show YOU, just how I did it!

Let’s start with materials, shall we?

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Plywood (I purchased mine from Home Depot)

Wooden legs (these are the ones I purchased, from Amazon)

Leg mounting plates


Paint and roller (optional)

I also used an orbital sander to sand down the plywood and round the corners and edges. This is the sander I have and LOVE!


Step 1

I had my plywood cut to the exact size I wanted it. I measured my sons mattress (see picture below) and added an inch or two to each side, just to ensure the piece of plywood would be big enough. Home Depot will cut your plywood for you, which is so helpful!

Step 2

I brought the plywood home and sanded each side nice and smooth, and I was also able to use my sander to round the corners and smooth out the edges to improve the overall look of the plywood.

Step 3

I wiped off all the saw dust and then got busy painting my plywood. You can use whatever color you like, I used a white color I had on hand. I recommend priming the plywood first so that it does not soak up so much paint.  I however did not do this because I did not have any primer on hand, and I’m a weee bit impatient ;). I used a roller to apply the paint.

Step 4

It’s time to attach your legs! We first decided where exactly we wanted the legs positioned on the plywood and then used a pencil and level to attach the mounting plates on top. You can attach the mounting plates on the bottom of the plywood also, however we did the top because we wanted that specific look. Next we drilled a hole through the plywood to ensure our leg would fit though in order to screw it into the plate.

Step 5

Lastly, we screwed in the plates on each side with our drill and then simply screwed in the legs! We will also be placing a support directly in the middle of the bed for extra support. It was that easy! I am so happy with how it turned out!

TA-DA! DIY platform bed complete!!

This project has been one of my favorites! It’s wonderful not having to worry about my son hurting himself if he falls out of bed when he’s sleeping, and I love this minimalistic design!

I hope this was helpful, and as always, please tag me on facebook or instagram if you decide to recreate this for your kiddo! I always love seeing them! 🙂


Happy creating!