How to make 9 wedding bouquets for $50 (TOTAL)

It’s that time of year again…WEDDING SEASON! If you’re like most Americans, then your first thought when you hear the word ‘wedding’ is usually [money]. We can’t deny, weddings keep getting more and more expensive. But, they don’t have to. I want to share with you one way you can save big on your big day. Let’s talk FLOWERS!

If you find yourself in the process of planning your wedding, or maybe simply wanting some tips on how to put a bomb bouquet together, than you’ve come to the right place! This post contains information on how I made 9 wedding bouquets for my brothers upcoming wedding for $50 TOTAL.

Let’s talk first about materials needed to make the wedding bouquets.

+Flowers (obviously lol)- I purchased mine from a couple different places.
-Hobby Lobby
-Dollar Tree (the majority)

****The key with purchasing flowers is to keep your eye out for when they go on sale. Hobby Lobby and JoAnns have their flowers 50% off quite often. Another thing I like to do is mix higher quality flowers (from Hobby Lobby) with the cheaper flowers from Dollar Tree. This allows you to save big money while still ensuring the bouquet looks nice.

+Ribbon and/or twine (whatever you’re planning to do with the stems/handle of the bouquet.

+Wire cutter for stems

+Scissor for cutting ribbon

+Glue gun

+Rubber bands

Ok, that’s it- let’s make a BOUQUET! 😉

First things first, what I like to do is take each of my bushes of flowers and fan them out so the flowers are not touching. (See picture below)

Once you have done that, take your bushes of flowers and put them together. I like to play with the bouquet and mix the different flowers together throughout. I think this gives the bouquet a more full and appealing look. Most flower stems are easily bendable which gives you the freedom to bend them whichever way you like and move them to exactly where you want them in the bouquet. I usually play around with the bouquet for quite until I get it exactly how I want it.

Now that you have gotten your flowers all mixed together it’s time to take any greenery you may be adding to the bouquet. When I add the greenery I like to put most of it on the back side of the bouquet (see picture below).

Then I will take some of it and weave it throughout the bouquet. Like the flowers, greenery stems are usually bendable which makes it easy to place them exactly where you want in the bouquet.

Alright, we’re almost done! What I do next is use a rubber band to wrap around the stems on the bottom/handle of the bouquet (see pic below).

This ensures that the flowers will not move around easily and the bouquet will stay the way you want it to.

Once all the rubber bands are in place I will take my wire cutter and ensure the stems are all the same length and the appropriate length for the handle of my bouquet. I then take the ribbon or whatever you are planning to wrap around the bottom/handle of the bouquet and simply wrap the ribbon around the stems. Lastly I will then use my glue gun to glue the ribbon in place (see pic below).

For these bouquets I also decided to use twine to make a small bow.

And that’s it, you have made a bouquet!! Easy as pie! One of the best things about making your own wedding bouquets is the amount of money you can save. I made 9 of these bouquets for my brothers wedding for $50 TOTAL. Can’t beat that!!

Happy creating! 🙂

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