Styling versatility using a chalkboard in your home

I have come to truly love the use of chalkboards in my home! I am always looking for new ways to change decor in my house and update on a budget. If you’re the same way, then a chalkboard is for you!

In this post I will share with y’all 3 of the main ways I have used my chalkboard to add character to my home! Let’s style that chalkboard!!


When I initially got my chalkboard I figured I’d do what I see most people doing, I’d add a quote or drawing using chalk. You can purchase really great thin point chalk pens to help with detailed drawing or manuscript. This is such a fun way to add personal touch to your home and so adaptable! Whenever you get tired of the quote or design, it’s easy enough to erase and create something new. Win, win.


After awhile I was getting bored of just using chalk, so I decided to think outside the box. The chalkboard I own is quite large and we have it on a picture ledge. I realized that such a large black back drop would make a great background. So, I decided to add more elements to that picture ledge using the chalkboard primarily as a background. Think layering. This created a beautiful visual field and really enhanced the other aspects I was highlighting. Check out the picture below for an example…


The last tip I have for you is basically to combine the first two tips together! Here’s what I mean. For my sons birthday I knew I wanted to use the chalkboard in order to make a personal quote for his big day. I also wanted to give it a little more character, so I added pictures of my son to the chalkboard as well. This gave it more of a birthday feel and made it a little more special.

And there you have it, 3 ways to style a chalkboard in your home. The possibilities are endless really. Use some creativity and think outside the box to make this budget friendly piece of decor perfect for your space! Thanks for stopping by!

Get stylin’, y’all!