Simple, Budget Friendly, DIY Birthday Decorations for Kiddos

Birthday celebrations, what kid doesn’t LOVE cake, ice cream, and new toys?! Not to mention a party specifically tailored to THEM!!

We recently just celebrated my sons 1st birthday and I wanted to share some simple, budget friendly decoration ideas that I utilized for his party!

If you know me, you know I love a good bargain. I also have always loved crafts and creating simple decorations on the cheap. So, I knew I wanted to make most of the decorations for my son’s first birthday even though there is a TON of stuff out there you can buy nowadays. I felt like making my own would keep it cheaper, and a little more personal and special :).

I didn’t necessarily go into this thinking I had a specific theme for his party. I just knew I wanted to keep it simple, and budget friendly with a fairly neutral color palette. I am always big on “shopping your home” for styling and decorating. I used this concept to do just that to create what I would now probably call a ‘Woodland Theme’ party!

Let’s start with a super inexpensive idea you can also utilize for your child’s party. I bought this kraft paper roll in the dollar section at Target. I’m sure there are many other places you can purchase this besides Target, however.

I unrolled a piece that would stretch the length of our kitchen table. I then taped the ends. I used a Sharpie to write “Wild One” in the middle of the paper. The idea I had was to have all the guests write a message on the paper for our son. It could be a memory they had of him from this last year, to a piece of advice- really anything they felt would be special for him to read when he is older.

This was a totally inexpensive idea you too can utilize to add a personal touch to your child’s birthday party!


I added a black basket to the table for guests to put cards in and left out black pens for them to write with. I utilized so many things I already had in my home for the center piece of the table and to display plates, napkins, cupcakes and glasses. The wooden piece I have holding the napkins and utensils was something I already had that is usually used to hold small vases of flowers. The white box the cupcakes are displayed on was an old shelf I had found laying in our basement. Get creative, think outside the box and shop your home when it comes to decorating for your child’s big day!


I used our island to hold plates, glasses, napkins and cupcakes. I have had this old wooden crate for a long time and decided to turn it upside down to display the cupcakes and added those cute little woodland animals simply by using tape to place them where I wanted them. The woodland animals were also purchased from Target, along with the plates.

One way to save a little bit of money, is to buy just one packet of decorative plates/cups/napkins and then use plain white plastic ware if you are needing extra.


Lets talk banners…. my advice? Make them yourself! This was super fun and super inexpensive. I bought black paper, cut it out to the size I wanted it for my banner and used a chalk pen to write the letters. I used clothespins to attach to some twine and the small woodland animals were purchased at Walmart for around .50cents each. I added that green garland (that I already had) on top to give it a more outdoorsy feel.

I used the same concept to make one for my sons chair and simply used tape to attach it.


Let’s talk balloons- I didn’t go overboard as you can tell (LOL). I saved by buying that “HOORAY” balloon also in the Target dollar section many months ago. It was super easy to blow up and I just used clear tape to attach it.

Lastly, I used the chalkboard we have in our entry way to display a special little message 🙂 chalkboards are SO great to use in all areas of your home! I love how creative you can get with them. I also decided to add some pictures on it and then stream another banner on the bottom displaying some of my sons pictures. This banner (with the trees) was purchased at Target in their dollar section probably 3 years ago. I simply used clothespins again to attach what I wanted to add to it.


And there you have it, folks! I hope this gave you some idea for your kiddos next birthday party!! 🙂

Party on, Wayne!