“How to thrift” without becoming a hoarder

Awe, thrifting. My love language. It’s been something I’ve loved to do for the last 5-7 years now. There’s just something about getting a rocking deal, finding antique treasures + giving an old piece new life. When I’m thrifting it’s like my mind is totally zoned out, like “sorry about that sir, didn’t mean to literally run into you with my cart, I’m just in the zone” sort of thing. Looking for that good deal, searching the isles up and down, up and down. It’s my jam. Anyways… since I seem to have evolved into this thrifting maniac I’ve learned a couple things. For one, us thrifters, we often get a bad rep for being ‘hoarders.’ And I will admit, I think, if we’re not careful, we do become just that. But, I fully believe, we don’t have to be!

So, how do you thrift without becoming a ‘hoarder’? Throughout the years of my thrifting journey i’ve learned some tricks and tips I try to incorporate every time I go thrifting. Here are my top 4 tips to enjoy thrifting without becoming a hoarder.

Tip Numero 1.

When I go to the thrift store I often have an idea of items I’m looking for or a space in my home that I’m wanting to fill. By doing this, I am able to better stay on track and not buy random items that I have no need for. Now, is this to say I ALWAYS follow this rule? Uh nope (lol). I will never claim to be prefect here, people! There are always exceptions to the rule, right? 😉 My point, if you try to focus on this tip each time you go to the thrift store, you simply end up purchasing less ‘stuff’ that you currently have no purpose for. With that being said, every now and then if you find a super awesome buy that you totally love, you gotta get it.

Tip Numero 2.

I always, always, always grab a cart. Now, you’re probably thinking, ‘ummm, holl? That sounds counterproductive to not buying too much stuff.’ Hear me out. I find that if I have a cart and I find items I like, I put them in my cart and keep browsing longer. Then once I’m ready to check out, I step back and assess all the items in my cart. Somehow by having it in my cart and looking up and down at it for a longer period of time while I’ve been shopping, it gives me a clearer perspective to if I really need it or want it. I’ve found the longer I sit with an item the more likely I am at the end to weed out things. I almost always put something back because I realize I’m not totally sold on it.

Tip Numero 3.

Just because it’s cheap, doesn’t mean it’s needed or useful. This can be SO hard when thrifting. I try to assess every item I purchase. Trust me, I know it’s hard because if you’re like me it’s hard to pass up a great deal and a lot of times when you’re thrifting everything is such a good deal. You really need to LOVE the item you are buying. If you’re feeling wishy/washy about it, don’t buy it. I ask myself these questions,

1. Where will this item go in my home?

2. What purpose will this time serve in my home?

3. Am I totally in LOVE with this item?

Tip Numero 4.

So, your house is getting a little tight. I know the feeling. Your hubs is like, “why do you have all this crap and a bunch of empty picture frames hanging out everywhere?” This is an actual statement from my husband (lol). This tip is essential (and I probably need to follow it better), assess your ‘stuff’ yearly and GET RID OF IT! If you haven’t used something for over a year, chances are you probably aren’t going to use it. Donate items, sell items, do what you gotta do, but for the love of thrifters every where you gotta part with some of it every once in awhile! Because if you don’t, (horror music in background for dramatic effect) you’re going to be the next contestant on “Hoarders, Buried Alive.” Hahaha. But seriously, get rid of it.

There you have it folks, my top 4 tips to becoming a successful thrifter without becoming a hoarder. Thanks for reading, and I hope y’all took something away from it. Happy Thrifting!